The face of mobile advertising will never be the same

AdMob, one of the world’s top mobile advertising companies, has been bought by Google. The price tag? $750-million. Google undeniably, has all the resources to build its own mobile advertising platform, but that could take time. That’s why it bought out one of the best pieces of ‘equipment’ on the market – AdMob. It seems almost ominous.

Discussing the acquisition on its blog, Google indicated that it foresees huge growth in the mobile advertising space, particularly because the trend towards mobile search is set to explode. Google’s foresight could really signal some fundamental shifts in the future of advertising. It’s already developed the click-to-call function where mobile users can simply click on an ad they see on their phones, to call the business directly.

A visionary move, since this (although obvious) was something that would always lack in pure online search. I find the integration between devices fascinating. It seems that every few months, the tech leaders find some way to make life easier. I’m keen to see what’s next.

That’s all from me for now, but what about you? How will you incorporate the innovated changes to mobile advertising? Or do you think it’s still too early to hit our market? Let me know! Post your comments below.

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