Google desktops irrelevant?

Mashable recently reported that Google’s online sales European Director, John Herlihy said at the Digital Landscapes conference that Google is heading in the direction of mobile services, and saying these would become more important than desktop PCs, in about three years’ time!

Desktops irrelevant? Ummm, not yet>

A few years back, I would have thought this was crazy talk, now I can actually believe it! Looking at Google’s recent movements and developments in the mobile sphere, especially with Android and Nexus One, I can almost see myself doing a search from my phone for an extended period of time, and not just for a Facebook update.

But I say ‘almost’. I think the limitations of mobile are still too glaring to enable me to compare its functions to my laptop. There’s so much talk about convenience, but could you really see all your co-workers sitting around on their phone just searching away? I think not. Or at least, not yet! Sure, there’s a few at the top end of the spectrum whose lives would be made easier with developments like these. But I think a change in mindset and company structures have to be re-thought… what do you think?

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