The ‘I-consumer’ necessitates Nowism … through the online

Image“Consumers’ ingrained lust for instant gratification is being satisfied by a host of novel, important (offline and online) real-time products, services and experiences. Consumers are also feverishly contributing to the real-time content avalanche that’s building as we speak. As a result, expect your brand and company to have no choice but to finally mirror and join the ‘now’, in all its splendid chaos, realness and excitement,” Trendwatching dubs this ‘Nowism’.

The worldview that the ‘now is more important than the past or the future’ has personified this new century we are embarking on. The world has become increasingly now-oriented and more real-time; focused on the present moment with fast-moving, information-rich streams of content and communication. Because of this, today’s I-consumer ‘wants what they need, and need what they want, now’, in turn reducing the ‘now’ to mere minutes if not seconds. ‘Me; myself; and I’, is what this I-consumer is all about. For them, ‘on the spot’ satisfaction is habitual. I won’t lie, to a certain extent, I can definitely say that the whole ‘Me; myself; and I’ part, I can definitely relate to when it comes to purchasing a brand of any sort. Today’s shopper is self-interested with a focus on personal; instantaneous satisfaction; and fulfilment without delay.

And yes, I am a self-confessed ‘shopaholic’, well, actually shoe-a-holic – 200 pairs in counting – don’t judge. Anyway, I love to shop, but I love convenience and instantaneous satisfaction more. If I could order my shoes online and it could be delivered through the printer, this would be defined as ‘Lindsey living in her perfect world'; not only because I would get what I want, but also, I would be getting what I wanted ‘now’ – and at the same time being a ‘first-rate’ member-of-staff, working hard. This is how I understand the concept of Nowism to be, and in it: the I-consumer lives accordingly.
With the I-consumer’s busy life of today, technology has made it easy for us to do 10 things at once. I can now order the CD from for Boetie’s birthday; order my organic groceries from Woolies; book the anniversary getaway I’ve been promising my husband; put in a tweet to update the events that will be covered this week; check if my daughter is not getting bullied at her crèche, Opti kids, via their web enabled camera’s; and because I didn’t have a chance to go and see ‘Cats’ with the girls, I need to log onto Facebook and see the pics they took, can’t wait to see what they have written about the show; … whilst still getting my day-to-day work duties done.

Digital mediums and the social media explosion, have provided the I-consumer with an extraordinary platform from which to share information; express themselves; and keep their life in order – now more than ever, this generation is online.

Sky high consumer expectations; and societal attitudes converging in such a powerful manner, all brands have no choice but to finally mirror and join the now in all its splendid chaos; realness; and excitement. The brand that wants to target me needs to make the most of this latest movement of Nowism and take advantage of this increasing move towards digital and real-time. The value of inter-personal experiences has multiplied and surpassed physical belongings, especially if the experience is unique or has limited entrée attached to it. In other words, I am now able to have an experience, without having to physically be present, wherever it is (in the past) had to be.
Being in today’s era of Nowism, one’s life is basically online, and in order for the I-consumer’s life to be organised, they need real-time web to communicate; to purchase; and to connect the online to their life offline. You know, we always see movies portraying the thought, that one day the world will be taken over by the ‘almighty machine'; with technological advancements happening faster than we can say ‘here today gone tomorrow’, who knows … it might just happen, but hopefully not right now please.

Are you ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for Nowism? Do you see yourself as an I-consumer and how are technological advancements benefiting your life (or not benefiting it), either way, share your comments with us below?

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