Why we want more but take in less

In this week’s Editorial Desk, I discussed some of the technological changes taking place in the media and the impact these have had on the interaction of the media’s audience with changing content. It appears that humans are rather adaptive creatures and will make use of new developments (with ‘new’ no longer meaning the same as it did in the past) to an extent where they’re able to command it and make demands of it. Even teenagers are now able to manipulate various media types to pre-record their favourite television shows (and thereby bypass advertisers); voice their opinions on political issues; gather momentum and support behind various campaigns; and generally become much more involved, both in and with, the new media offerings.

We're running away and hiding - but where to and what from?

The research from the article however, makes mention of the fact that although the capacity for ‘refinement’ is available, audiences are not choosing this option. They want comfort; ease; and ‘light stuff’. I wonder why this is? Perhaps because there is so much available out there, people today are seeking escapism and this form of self-protection is just one aspect where they stick to the known, or easier information to prevent themselves from being bombarded with gadgets/news/anything extra that will make further demands on their lives.

Another statement though also rings true. With the older generation preferring the lighter side of things, what about the youth? They seem to be a brand new development of our globalised society – by actively participating and getting involved in multi-media to an extent never before seen.

The implications of these developments are significant. They cannot be ignored. On a personal note, it could be wise to slow down and carefully evaluate how you’d like societal changes and developments to shape you. The question goes even deeper. Ask yourself this: ‘Ok, you’re consuming news faster, but why is this important and/or necessary to you?’ Also, ask yourself why the content you read/ watch/ hear is so appealing – are you an escapist or a realist?

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