Updating Facebook and Twitter simultaneously

facebookThere is a lot of discussion around the importance of knowing who your audience is on your various social networking accounts, and realising that certain social networking sites might be used for different purposes. Simultaneously, we are also constantly reminded not to neglect our social networking accounts once we have committed to them, so that we maintain the relationships we form with various important contacts, and at a simpler level, so that we keep in touch.

twitterThis leaves me with the question: is it more important to make sure your status updates are updated, or to create specific updates for each audience group? Personally, I find it impossible to remember to update my Twitter status, while I visit Facebook at least once a day. Managing social networks isn’t always easy when there are so many different communities to join. If you are like me, you will be pleased to know there is a way to update your Twitter profile using a Facebook application – so everything is in the same place, making it much easier to remember to keep everything up-to-date and stay in touch.

Here is a short tutorial to set up this very useful (I think) application, courtesy of Inside Facebook:

  1. Search for ‘Twitter’ in the Facebook search bar, and add the first Twitter application that shows up in the search results – it’s made by Twitter itself.
  2. Allow Twitter to access your Facebook profile.
  3. Log into your Twitter account via the Twitter application inside Facebook.

Now, when you access the Twitter application on Facebook, you will see all the most recent updates from the people you follow on Twitter, as well as a block in which you can respond to the question ‘What are you doing’. Essentially, it is your Twitter homepage accessed from Facebook.

In addition, there’s one more step you can take so that you can send status updates from Twitter to Facebook:

  1. Click on ‘Allow Twitter to update your Facebook status’.
  2. Allow status updates from Twitter back to Facebook.
  3. Check to see if it works, by logging into twitter.com from a different browser window and entering a status.

When you log into Facebook after having updated your Twitter profile, your Facebook status update should have been updated with the same message.

As the article on Inside Facebook says, if you’re an avid user of Twitter and Facebook and you’re finding it difficult to manage status updates, you might want to think about merging the two utilities, and this application makes it easy to do so.

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