Is that social networking account for real?

Fakebook or Facebook? There’s a strong possibility that the ‘official’ celebrity social networking account you’ve found online is not real. The Sunday Times magazine this week mentioned an upsurge in ‘Fakebooking’, where people set up fake Facebook accounts and the like. It went on to state that up to 40% of accounts on the social networking site are ‘fake’, and mentioned a slew of recent ‘fake’ comments made by ‘Kate Winslet’, which in effect ‘slag off’ Angelina Jolie, after she forgot to mention her at a recent Award ceremony.

This got me thinking. While it’s true that numerous celebs are active online, such as Paris Hilton, who is an avid ‘twitterer’. I am ‘friends’ with Lady Gaga on Facebook (despite the fact that she doesn”t know me from Adam!), but I have my doubts as to whether the account is really run by her.

Celebs aside, Facebook is referred to as ‘Fakebook’ more and more often these days, as its users are increasingly ‘fake’ online, posting information that is not necessarily 100% true.

It’s interesting to think about, either way.

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