Nando’s cocky commercial


I’m sure everyone has seen, or at least heard about, Nando’s TV commercial featuring a puppet parodying ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leader, Julius Malema. The commercial was not received well by the ANCYL and after talks between the fast food brand and the ANCYL, Nando’s agreed to take into consideration the concerns raised, while at the same time retaining its edge and personality.

NandosIt’s no surprise, given Nando’s track record of witty advertising antics, that the brand came up with a way to capitalise on this situation. With the promise that it was “not chickening out”, we certainly were not disappointed. Viewers were presented with the very same TV commercial, except that “Julius’s” face was electronically distorted and his voice disguised. The brand has successfully come up with a way to continue broadcasting the commercial, with viewers fully aware of who is being poked fun at, and has probably gained even more publicity as a result of the controversy and its usual “pluckiness”.

Interestingly, I just heard a sound bite on 5fm’s 3pm news of Malema saying he has more important things to worry about than Nando’s campaign and that he eats chicken, it doesn’t matter whether it is “Nando’s or ‘Sando’s’”. So the ANCYL seems to have gotten over its sensitivity and Malema has even gained a sense of humour out of the situation!

Job well done, Nando’s.

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