Two simple steps to increase your blog traffic

two simple steps Mack Collier of The Viral Garden recently wrote a post titled “Better post titles work, and here”s the proof”. He explained how the blog’s highest traffic received in a single day was 1 508 visitors, but on posting a story titled Six reasons why no one likes you online, the blog increased its traffic – for that one day – to 3 821 visitors. More than double.

Want to know why? Collier says that this was not merely a stroke of luck, as he had carefully ‘planned and crafted’ this highly read blogpost, which initially had a ‘so-so’ headline. Based on chatting to fellow bloggers on Twitter, and reading the ‘Magnetic Headlines’ bit on Copyblogger (a fantastic read!), he decided to change the headline to ‘six reasons why no-one likes you online’, an infinitely more attention-grabbing title than the intended “Building Community Online’ – yet based on the same copy. Collier clarifies that “many people would have never read the post if they hadn”t been intrigued by the improved post title”, and feels that many people scan Twitter for advice and to find interesting post topics/blogs to read.

Another idea to increase online readership is to have your ‘brand name’ – whether for a big corporate or your personal digital interactions – clearly recognisable across all forms of social media, thus increasing your searchability and personal SEO. In this light, the iLearn blog states that Facebook is looking into offering so-called ‘vanity urls’ – which MySpace and LinkedIn have offered since their origins. Simply put, your Facebook profile could now be searched for and found as something to the effect of, instead of the more difficult

There are suggestions that this will come at a bit of a cost, though. Ah well – all in the name of increasing blog traffic.

UPDATE: The personalised Facebook username option is now live!

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  1. Leigh thanks for the link! And that’s a great suggestion to keep your ‘username’ the same on all social sites. Good advice that many of us overlook!

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