The strange things you’ll find on the SA web…

south africana is what it's all about...I read a most interesting article in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section this past Sunday by Ziphezinhle Msimango, titled ‘Surf and strange Turf’. According to Msimango, “boer fanaticism, black pornography and infidelity are just some of the iniquities that make the South African internet a popular place to be.”

While Google estimates that five million South Africans log onto the internet on a daily basis, much of which is “people shopping for lawnmowers in the Gumtree classifieds and updating their status on Facebook”, there’s a lot of crazy stuff out there. And I’m not just talking Americana here – the SA stuff is positively kooky. Msimango mentioned the following five sutes, which you should take a look to believe – Sondeza is a uniquely South African social the information super highwaynetwork – but be warned, it has a strong ‘adult’ nature; Aboutlovers is a confidential service for single or married people in South Africa wishing to have an affair or ‘discreet encounter’; Boerevryheid is a somewhat offensive pro-Afrikaans forum; is a website for the “South African community of users for dagga decriminalisation and discussion;” and is a local ‘gossip rag’ filled with rumours and ‘who’s run off with who’.

This is a just a tiny taste of the wildness that awaits on the web. There is so much out there, I could happily spend days on end following links and marveling at the imaginative South Africans online. We certainly are an innovative bunch! :)

For a touch of international craziness, click here.

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