Know how with eHow

ehowI stumbled across a fantastic site while browsing 5FM online. Called (it’s not a South African site – the ‘e’ in ‘eHow’ stands for electronic!), it offers varied topics and interesting ‘how to’ tips. Whether you’d like to learn how to avoid insomniahow to treat heat rash naturally; or how to behave at a wedding; eHow is the place to be. You’ll find easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to do just about everything – think business, cars, fashion, health and relationships. There’s also a resource tab which offers expert advice, online shopping tips and related community discussions.

how to...If you’re a visual person and step-by-step instructions aren’t your thing, you can alwayswatch a video demonstration on your requested topic. 

By signing up to become a member you can load your profile onto the site and earn cash for submitting your own ‘how to’ articles. If you love learning ‘how to’, sign up for the free daily ‘eHow’ tip to be mailed to your inbox

While not a new concept (‘how to’ sites are a dime a dozen on the web), I like that this one has a strong community backing. 

Check it out!

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